Blog on Blog Assignment

All this semester I was required to write at least two blog post that were due before 1 PM on the following Tuesday. This assignment’s purpose was to connect us, the students, to the sport communication world. This was a great activity to participate in. I felt my blog was informative because of the freedom […]

Youth Sports Matters

Last week I talked about youth sports and specialization. This time around youth sports has been brought back in the spotlight in regards from high profile people making comments about them. The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation brought key figures in the sport industry earlier in the week to comment on how important youth sports is. […]

Controversy Cost Another Job At ESPN

Controversy strikes ESPN once again as former All-Star and World Series pitcher and baseball analyst Curt Schilling has be fired. Schilling was fired by ESPN on Wednesday due to publishing a meme on Facebook and Twitter. The meme dealt with controversial public restroom laws and transgenders. Schilling received much criticism from the social media post […]

Let the Kids Have Fun!

As a kid in America the one thing I liked to do more than anything else at the time was to play sports. Playing sports taught me valuable life lessons and developed skills for my sport today. Unlike many kids today, however, I played multiple sports growing up, not one. Sport specialization is becoming a […]

SEC Commissioner Wants More from Men’s Basketball

On Monday, April 11th, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey spoked at the annual Associated Press Sports Editors’ southeast regional meeting about the recent NCAA tournament. He voiced his displeasure with 3 of the 12 schools in the SEC being selected to play. This happened for the third time in the last four seasons. “I think we […]

Respect and Equality for Women’s Sports

What an interesting week for women’s sports! Tuesday night, people witnessed arguably the greatest championship team in college history with the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team clinching a 4th straight national title. Beginning of the week, the United States Women National Team for soccer filed a federal discrimination complaint against US soccer for equal […]

Jason Terry Interested in Coaching?

Jason Terry, a sixth man of the year and NBA champion, currently play for the Houston Rockets. Now 38 years old in his 16th NBA season, his career playing basketball is winding down. This does not mean his involvement in basketball is over however. Terry recently interviewed for the head coaching position at University of […]