Blog on Blog Assignment

Blogging.jpgAll this semester I was required to write at least two blog post that were due before 1 PM on the following Tuesday. This assignment’s purpose was to connect us, the students, to the sport communication world. This was a great activity to participate in.

I felt my blog was informative because of the freedom to write about anything. That was one of the things that help me write great blogs in my opinion. My content range from basketball to soccer, controversy to informative news, and personal to non-bias information.

I also liked that my blog was able to garner connections and praise from my blog. To me, I thought this blog was going to be seen by one person, my professor. I thought outside the box, however, and decided to share my content on my social media sites. I think that really help my exposure of my blog.


This blog gave me confidence in my writing ability. In high school, I was not a stellar writer, at least that what my grades reflected on for papers and writing assignment. Recently I had a blog posted on The Business Side of Sports in late February. That showed me that my writing has improved since high school, which gave me confidence in writing the content for this blog.

I do have some critiques for the blog assignment for future students who will take this class. Some are deadline time consideration and specialized content. I will explain in further details.


I felt that the deadline time for blogs were fair because it simulates my peers and I being real sport journalists working for a sports brand. Sport journalist have deadlines for their content to be circulated and published. I do think it was a stretch to write two blogs a week. My only problem was time management for them due to other class and an internship I had. I wanted to make sure that each blog had the same amount of content and a connecting message and I do not think some of my blogs were not the best written.

It would be cool for the future to have some blogs to have specialized content, meaning that blogs for each week be about a certain topic. I felt that I wrote a lot about basketball. This was not bad, but I think my peers also may have written about basketball in their blogs too. It would be a good way to switch up content on blogs and test students’ knowledge about the sport industry and different sports.

Overall, I had a positive experience from my blog assignment. I will keep this blog around, maybe to post things that are on my mind about a few topics in the sport industry.

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One thought on “Blog on Blog Assignment

  1. Drew,

    Thank you for your feedback. I think you should ABSOLUTELY keep your blog around. I expect an update on Twitter the next time you post some new content.

    I think you bring up a great point about specialized content. While sports writers often have the freedom to write about whatever they choose, they are also required to write about whatever their editor assigns. I have already begun thinking of different types of “specialized content” that I can assign next time.

    Thank you for your participation and effort this semester. It was a pleasure having you in class.

    Grace and Peace,

    Dr. Pederson


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