D’Angelo Russell vs. the World

It is tough to be in D’Angelo Russell’s shoes right now. His team, the Los Angeles Lakers, are having a tough losing season, the worst in franchise history. Now, it can be argued that he is the most hated man in Los Angeles, maybe in all of California.

After video leaked of a secret interview between Russell and teammate Nick Young, teammates and fans want no involvement with the 20-year old rookie. Russell asked Young a number of questions in regards to Iggy Azalea, Young’s fiancée. Russell got Young to confess on video to cheating with a 19-year old female.

This act from D’Angelo shows that he is young and immature. People do make mistakes and he knows that, at least people hope he does. According to Russell, he feels sick and embarrass. He says he cannot show his face anywhere without getting booed or disgusted looks from pedestrians.

The NBA world is not taking this news lightly either, at least the brotherhood is not. As mention previously, the teammates of Russell are barely acknowledging him on and off the court and other NBA players such as Jarrett Jack and Matt Barnes have said negative things toward him. Young said that the matter can be resolved, but it has to happen behind closed doors, not in front of the media.

D’Angelo Russell’s occupation is playing basketball. That is what he should focus on for now. Worrying about things other that will make it harder for him. Currently though it is Russell vs. the world as the NBA world do not feel so kind to the rookie at the moment.

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