Fewer Fans Watching TV

The Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is coming to a close. A year ago, according to Time magazine, 28.3 million viewers watched the 2015 championship game. It had an increase of 33 percent from 2014 and highest number in viewership in 20 years.

This upcoming championship game will probably have less impact the last year, and it is not because of lack of powerhouse teams. For the first time in a couple decades, the Final Four games will not be televised on a free broadcast network like in the past. The championship game? Nope it will not either.

Due to a TV deal signed by the NCAA and Turner, TV channels TBS, TNT, and truTV have superior rights to broadcast the game. In the past years games could be viewed on CBS. If you did not a have cable package, that was fine because CBS is able to view on an antenna connection as well.

Now with this TV deal in place, consumers will need to buy a TV package deal, a breaking deal for some fans of the NCAA Tournament. For major sporting events like this, revenue and viewership numbers are important.

With a certain decline in numbers to happen this weekend and Monday, it is possible to rethink the way the games are presented to people. Games should be easy for fans to access, but not at the cost of their wallets.

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