Ultimate Team the Major Key for EA Sports?


Video games companies attempt to push ideas like season passes, map packs, and other incentives to consumers after they buy a specific game. There is a reason for that: more money. EA Sports is a product of using this concept.

EA Sports, according to CFO Blake Jorgensen, earned $1.3 billion coming only from downloadable content. A rough estimate of that amount comes from the Ultimate Team add on content from games like Madden, FIFA, and NHL.

Odell Beckham Jr. Madden NFL 16 Cover.jpg  

Ultimate Team is a digital version of collectible cards where consumers can buy, sell, and trade cards to make the best team possible. It is a great fantasy game with other players around the world. You can also compete with friends as well.

“It extends the engagement of the user with that product,” Jorgensen said. “We’ve found if we can extend your engagement, we can typically monetize that over time.” This is a great marketing tool for EA Sports as well. Ultimate Team is still new, but it is continuing to grow on the video games.

It is good to see EA Sports earn money from this product. With the loss of a big revenue generator like NCAA Football and NBA LIVE slowly attempting to make a comeback, EA Sports is still finding way to enhance their product. I am an avid Ultimate team user for the games Madden NFL 16 and FIFA 16 and I enjoy my experience being a general manager (almost) for my own teams.


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