Upcoming FIFA Presidential Election

This Friday on February 26, 2016 a new president will be elected to take over the corrupted FIFA organization. The organization is in desperate need of a new leader who can hopefully rebrand the FIFA name back to their former glory days. Who can be the one to bring reform to FIFA?

209 nations represented in FIFA will meet in Zurich, Switzerland to vote for the new president. Here are the candidates and brief information about each one:


Prince Ali bin al-Hussein

  • Current president of Jordan Football Assocaition and founder and president of the West Asian Football Federation. He has been a former FIFA vice-president and has been involved with FIFA for 16 years. He was the brave soul to go against Sepp Blatter in the spot for FIFA president in May 2015. Only 40 years old he can make an immediate impact based on push for urgent reform.


Jerome Champagne

  • Current consultant in international football. He has been a former French diplomat, and a FIFA deputy general secretary for Blatter. He has been involved with FIFA for 17 years and looks to prove people wrong about himself as he is dubbed an outsider to reform issues despite participating in a public debate for the European Union and Parliament.

UEFA 2014/15 Futsal Cup Preliminary and Main Round Draw

Gianni Infantino

  • Current UEFA general secretary and former lawyer for UEFA. He is all for reform speaking about how football and development for football need to be at the top of concerns for FIFA, for all 209 nation big or small. Only 45 years old and 15 years experience with football, Infantino looks to be a front-runner for presidency based on his support in Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa

  • Current Asian Football Confederation president and FIFA vice-president. He is a former head of Bahrain FA. He has work closely with Blatter, but promise if elected FIFA will can the why business is handle. He has valuable experience as well, working 17 years in the world of football.

Tokyo Sexwale

  • South African businessman involved with a mining tycoon and a former member of the FIFA anti-discrimination task force. Only 7 years in the football world some look at him to have the least impact for FIFA and in the presidential race. Look for him to most likely drop out of the race.

Sepp Blatter put FIFA in a huge hole and damage the reputation due to corruption and scandal. Will one of these men be the key to repair FIFA the way they were? You can watch the election on TV and the networks of ESPN and FOX Sports 1, and streaming on YouTube, FOX Sports GO, and ESPN3

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