Anthony Davis: Believe in the Hype?

Anthony Davis, a 6-10 big man in the NBA, had an incredible game at Auburn Hills, MI. last night as the Pelicans beat the Detroit Pistons 111-106. Davis, only 22 years old, scored 59 points and accumulated 20 rebounds, a double-double. Again….59 points. THAT IS INSANE! New Orleans is certainly getting their money worth from Davis since inking a five-year, $145 million deal, or are they?

The Pelicans are only 22-33, 5 and a half games out of the last spot of the Western Conference side of the playoffs. This season is disappointing so far as New Orleans were picked to be one of the perennial teams in the West. Is it Davis fault that the Pelicans have not had the success of last year?


I do not think people can question Davis’s play so far this season. He averaging a double-double every game with 24.3 points and 10.1 rebounds. He is tied for 9th in the NBA for double-doubles this season. Also with that scoring total from last night, he leads the NBA in that category, passing DeMarcus Cousins’s 56 points, another big man, for the Sacramento Kings earlier in 2016.

The Pelicans do have injuries that probably contributes to their poor performance this year. Tyreke Evans and Quincy Pondexter are out for the season. Fellow big man Omer Asik is dealing with ankle problems and Eric Gordon is hopeful to come back from a broken finger soon. Davis sure has had to pick up the slack since key rotational players are out.

Anthony Davis right now is considered the franchise player for the Pelicans. With that title alone heed a lot of responsibility. When they win Davis will be looked as the hero, a key part of the victory. When they lose, Davis will be looked at why the team lost, he needs to step his game up. That is the scrutiny that superstar players have to go through.


Anthony Davis is a rising superstar, like Carmelo Anthony during his stint for the Denver Nuggets, LeBron James for the Cavaliers, or like a young Chris Paul for the New Orleans franchise in 2005-2011. Those players mention have lived up to the hype of being a superstar in the NBA. Will Davis join the ranks of NBA future superstars?

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