How Important is Winning?


If you are a sports fan, chances are you have thought about reaching the pinnacle of a sport that includes a championship: a state title, a collegiate title, a NBA title, or even the Super Bowl. I can guarantee that if a person imagine themselves in the title game of a sport, they imagine winning, not losing. That is how Cam Newton feels right now.

Cam Newton can be recognized as a winner, he won a national title in junior college at Blinn College, he won a national title in division one football with Auburn University, he is a Heisman trophy winner, and recently he was named most valuable player of the National Football League. These are all great accomplishments for anyone to have.

But what happens when you lose? Will people scathe you and denounce your accomplishments? Will people call you a sore loser? This is all happening to Newton now because of a interview post-game after Super Bowl 50.

Clearly Newton show dejection and failure in his body, but that’s okay. He competed for the highest title in football and lost. If you were a player who lost in the Super Bowl you would feel the same feelings Newton is feeling right now. Let us not forget Peyton Manning’s first loss in Super Bowl 44.

Could emotions be handle differently? Absolutely, but there should be no regrets for Newton’s actions. None can judge unless they lost the Super Bowl as well.


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